Uploading your bot

Uploading your bot to Firecloud

This guide is written for Firecloud discord.js packages. 

    - Firecloud Discord.js Package
    - Node.js Discord Bot Files
    - Node.js installed on your computer


Step 1: Getting a Package.json

If you already have a package.json file, you may skip this step.

Open a cmd or a terminal window and navigate to the bot folder.
    Shift + right-click in the bot folder.
    Choose Open Powershell Window here

Mac & Linux:
Open terminal
    Use cd <directory> to navigate to the bot folder.

Now type npm init and enter the details it asks.
After, install all packages, but put --save at the end.
Ex: npm i discord.js --save

Step 2: Uploading the files

Head to the Firecloud Panel.
Log in and click on Server Dashboard
Now on the left side, click File Manager
Now upload all your files, do not include the node_modules folder.

Tip: Zip the bot folder and upload that. Then you can decompress it on the panel.

Step 3: Enabling the bot

Now you can head to the Console and click the Start button.
It will install all your modules.

Common Problems

Module Not Found //Your package.json file was not created or uploaded properly.
Server Stuck on Starting // If your bot is online, and it still says "Starting", please edit your file to print "ready" when it's ready.
Exit Code 0 // This means your bot shut down. This can happen if your bot has an error in the code.

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